We understand that men and women learn in different ways. For exemple, women tend to be more supportive of each other when faced with a challenge where men tend to be more competitive with each other.

Also women have less muscle mass than men, and tend to have narrower shoulders, broader hips and shorter legs. This will affect the way they balance on their skis.

Tailored specifically by women for women, our programs acknowledge all these facts and work around it, emphasizing the support/caring aspect, helping each other feel good and encouraging each other. What you feel  is often the main achievement, and sometimes the absence of fear can be worth far more than a technical accomplishment.

Whether you want to overcome your fears, move off your ”I’m never going to improve” plateau, keep up with your husband or your children, push your limits, conquer the ”Yikes Zone” and boost your confidence, or simply for the sense of camaraderie, the support you’ll get in an all-female setting will make a big difference.

Stay tuned for our next ski trip and come and join us for a fantastic week in a safe and fun learning environment.

Check out these links to get an idea of what you can expect:

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