My guided ski trips are aimed towards intermediate skiers and above. If you ski on green runs, please contact me and we can discuss alternatives.

We all know how difficult it is to assess our skill level. It is an important consideration when skiing in a group, because we don’t want to spend the day waiting around for others, or conversely being the one holding up the group and having to constantly chase and catch up with your fellow tour members.  The quality of your ski holiday – and the rest of the group – will depend on how accurately you assess your skiing.

So where de we start ?


I ski confidently and aggressively on all terrain, including off-piste.

  • I can adapt to various conditions, steeps, trees, and bumps.
  • I enjoy carving at high speeds and sinking in deep powder.
  • I can recover and get myself out of trouble in any situation.


I can ski comfortably all round on and off-piste.

  • I can ski steeps, bumps, and trees, but sometimes limited in speed and confidence in some areas.
  • I could improve by learning how to ski faster with less effort and smoother technique.


I ski groomed black runs with speed and confidence.

  • I can carve smoothly from arc to arc on groomed runs but tend to lose the flow if it gets icy or bumpy.
  • I can manage powder but struggle at times.
  • I can ski down steeps and moguls with confidence but will sometimes lose control in more difficult areas.
  • I can ski easy off-piste but not necessarily with speed and style.


I ski fast on all blues and reds.

  • I can get the feeling of carving my turns.
  • I can get down easy groomed black runs.
  • Controlling my line becomes a challenge when the terrain dictates where I need to turn.
  • I am happy on groomed runs but would like to venture more on different terrain and conditions.


I always ski parallel and at a reasonable speed on blue runs.

  • I can ski most reds when the conditions are good.
  • I can get down easy black runs but I struggle.
  • Too steep, icy or bumpy puts me in a “yikes” state !
  • If you find yourself in-between levels, chose the lower one.
  • If confidence tends to be an issue, or you are very cautious, downgrade a level.

Please use the contact form below if you have any questions regarding ability levels.


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