DOUCHEBAG. Don’t get fooled by the name: it’s simply THE BEST travel gear you can find on the market. And trust me, I have had many years – 28 ski seasons to be more precise – trailing and dragging around snowsports equipment and luggage, several times a year, across the globe. Painful ? You bet ! Imagine what it’s like carrying the equipment needed to teach in all 3 disciplines, ski, snowboard, telemark… Oh the joys of being an international ski instructor ! Not…

All this to say that I have tried and tested many different options, and the Douchebag is unbeatable. Period.

The 30 L HUGGER  is very convenient as a carry-on, I can fit my ski boots, my toiletries, and there is a padded back pocket where I can put my lapop and easily and quickly retrieve it for the security check at the airport. And if I ever need to pack in more stuff, I just clip my helmet bag on it (with my goggles protected inside my helmet), and I have a pretty handy set up.

Big bonus: you can get rid of the Hugger and give a break to your shoulders by using the brilliant hook-up system to clip it on their wheeled luggage, like The Douchebag. Makes my life SO much easier when I have to collect my bags at the first point of entry in a country to go through security and customs, and drag them around to the domestic terminal, which curiously is often at the other side of the airport, yeah !

Go with THE DOUCHEBAG, the award winning travel gear. This ski luggage is just brilliant ! Amazingly brilliant ! You can adjust the length by rolling it to match the length of your skis; the handles are well placed, and the wheels are smooth, so it’s easy to move around;  it has a very robust construction and protects well my equipment; and it’s fully foldable once empty so it’s really convenient to store, especially when you are on a ski trip away from home. By far the best ski bag you will ever find !