If  like me you have skied in Quebec or Alberta, you know first hand how cold it can get in winter sometimes. Brutal is the word ! Well, I can happily tell you that there is a solution to prevent your feet and your toes from getting cold on those -30 days:

  • wear heated socks : best invention EVER !
  • add a neoprene boot cover to keep the plastic shell of your ski boot insulated from the cold air.
  • use one or the other, or combine both for bullet proof protection !

-> Make sure you keep your core warm and well insulated: your body is a well oiled machine and will take the heat from all your extremeties to keep the vital internal organs warm.

-> For that same reason, when you need to go to the loo, GO ! If you wait, your hands and your feet will start to get cold because your body will take all the heat away to keep the fluids warm…

You have been warned !

LENZ HEATED SOCKS The best invention EVER ! No more cold feet, even on those -30 degrees days that you can experience occasionally if you are lucky, or very frequently if you ski in Quebec or Alberta ! These socks have literally saved my life. I don’t know how my African genes would have survived the fequent cold snaps in the Rockies without them… (I know, I’ve picked the wrong job !).  😉

MASKI 2 SKI BOOT MASK  Only in Japan, but thank goodness you can order them online and have them delivered anywhere in the world. Don’t bother buying other brands like ski boot gloves and all the likes: the neoprene layer is thinner and not durable, snow will get stuck between the neoprene cover and the boot, and you don’t have any access to your buckles. I’ve bought many pairs of them until I discovered the MASKI during my first season teaching in Japan in 2007. And I’m still using the same pair, in 2018… Pretty sturdy, eh ?

Well, to tell you the truth, I bought a new one this year during my ski trip to Japan in January, because they have a new model – well, maybe not new, I got mine 11 years ago, and I guess they have invested minimally in R&D or listened to their customer feedback… So I bought the Maski 2, that I will now use during my Northern hemisphere season, and I keep the old one for my summer ski season in Australia.

The difference between the two ? Easier to put on thanks to a zipper running all the way along the top of the boot, which also has the advantage of making it a lot easier to adjust the buckles; an even thicker neoprene layer protects the shell against the cold; and it fits more snuggly around the boot.

MASKI 2 is the way to go, it’s a no brainer !