Meet Tom Gellie. This guy is a genius. Not only a great skier and telemark skier (several time Australian Demo Team member at the Interski Congress held every four years), but Tom also works with the human body and has an understanding like no other. His unique and powerful approach to realign the body and give back to your musculoskeletal system its ability to move freely will blow your mind away. Take a look at his website:

If you are in Sydney, make sure you book an appointment with him, and if not, you can always book a skype appointment from the comfort of your home. I had scheduled a skype appointment for my 5 year old niece in Geneva because I was concerned about her severe pigeon-toed gait, and believe it or not, after several weeks of doing the exercise (game !) recommended by Tom, her gait has completely changed and her feet have started to straighten. I can’t thank him enough.

If you are a skier, well click on his logo, you will be redirected to his youtube channel, his videos will really improve your understanding of how the body moves in skiing. Just brilliant !